Beat (2003)

Waldemar Mattis-Teutsch - Beat, Reflection Hologram, W:60 cm x H:50 cm, 2003

Waldemar Mattis-Teutsch – Beat (2003)

Media: Reflection Hologram
Dimensions: W:60 cm x H:50 cm

In the silence of the flame, in the flickering light,
like the stone in the stomach of a stuffed wolf,
in the human skin-bound book,
in word-weaving, in awareness,
behind the wire screen, in the edge of the knife,
in the splinter, in mating, in crossing over,
like on the shroud,
in broken chest love,
like in pagan salvation,
flame is running in my spine,
fire-thorn – appears in my palm.

– Istvan Beki